Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So I took the LSAT

I meant to write this right after taking the test so as not to forget the details. I debated not even including it because who really cares about my test taking endeavor. I do. So I guess it should be included.

Before taking the LSAT, there was a lot of preparation. You know, the studying and such. Prior to taking the test, you must acquire a couple things. The standards of pencils and such. You can even bring a highlighter to help with the reading comprehension! Sorry, nerd moment. Anyway, you also have to have a photo, much like a passport photo. So I went to get one. Things I have yet to learn about living up here where winter happens. It was a brisk and cold day, but beautifully sunny. The wind make a frequent and intense cameo, the result of which was on featured on my face and came through in the photo. Now, if I was a legitimate female, I probably would have thought about wearing makeup for a photo that I could use to finally get my passport (another story for another time). The girl at CVS takes my photo and shows it to me on the digital camera, asking if it's okay. My inner monologue went something like this.
"Oh man. Look how gross and splotchy my face is! And what is my hair doing on the right side there? Ugh. Gross. It's perfect."
And so I informed the girl that it was acceptable and the photo was printed. One of the test, and one for the passport. Big check on the to do list.

Passport stuff will have to wait for another day because I had to do other things like acquire enough pencils and I'm sure other things on the "prepping for the LSAT" checklist. And these errands made me that girl on the subway. You know the one, she's just rocking out to her music and holding a giant book and reading it constantly, finishing chapters while walking up the exit stairs. Yeah, her. In my defense, I had to get that studying done. It was almost test day!

Flash forward to said test day. Earlier in the week, I had received an email that I could not take the test at my desired location and had been moved to taking the test out in Queens. That wasn't going to walk to me, and after a couple of pleading phone calls with the LSAT people, I resigned myself to just taking the test standby. It's a risk to do this. You just show up where you want to test and hope they have a space for you. The LSAT people assured me that no one ever usually gets turned away, but the couldn't guarantee that I could take the test. I figured that most future law students wouldn't be as ballsy for such an important test.

And you know what? It all worked out. The test administrators had never heard of someone taking the test standby. Their confusion didn't phase me as I had to explain it over and over to different people. Once it all made sense to them, I was pointed to my testing room. And what I hope is an omen or at least was a comforting "good luck!" moment, the walls of my test room were lined with photos of female alumni of the school and their current professions. They sat there, smiling down at me (and I guess the other test takers too) while I filled in the bubbles and wrote my little essay.

Hours later, the test was done. I went to work. Regulars at the bar asked how it went, asked about the score, and shared their sentiments of how they believed and hoped I did well.

Now we wait. Only about a week left (at the time of this writing) for the score. Then the next step begins. The applying step. Then more waiting. Exciting!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I could probably get my Floridian card revoked for this...

We are a week into December and it hasn't really been that cold yet. Sure, we had that one snow storm Halloween weekend, but other than that, it has been very mild. Every year, I pretend winter won't happen. I was raised without it. I mean, we had our own version of winter. You know, when you bust out your sweater for a couple weeks when the temperatures drop all the way down to highs in the mid to upper 50s. Laugh all you want, people-who-grew-up-with-legitimate-cold-weather, I don't care. I have acclimated to this weather.

This week, though, this whole impending winter has been making itself known. Not in that it's been cold, but the trees have almost all lost their leaves. I found myself not even being sad about it. My first year here, I kind of felt bad that all of the trees were naked. They seemed sad. But naked trees means that snow should come soon enough, and I love the snow! That's when it hit me that I have grown to completely love seasons. Like, I love seasons to the point where I'm not sure I could be without them. Now, that's not to say I don't love that it's warm in Florida in the winter. I love being able to go home and drink slushy-umbrella'd drinks in the pool while waiting for everyone to show up for Christmas Eve dinner. I just think I enjoy it a little bit more knowing that a few days after that, I fly back to the cold, the winter, and the snow.

I could probably go on and on about how I like wearing my coats and scarves and how it all makes me feel like a more legitimate female (because I tend to actually look more like a normal girl in the winter time), but I will spare you those details. Or just summarize it all in the previous, possible run-on, sentence.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving is a classy holiday

Fuck yeah, it is!

Now, Thanksgiving! Presented in captioned picture form! But first, a quick memo.

Dear Thanksgiving,

Thank you for existing so that we can eat a ridiculous amount of food with our friends and/or family while watching football all day.

Love always,
Me (and probably a lot of other people)

Key to a great Thanksgiving: have a list and acquire the things on it.

I mean, check out that cart full of goodness.

Look at the olive oil and herb covered turkey!

Classy can of chef juice.

Drinking games will us something to do while the turkey cooks.

And then another game. Notice the candles on the table. We keep it classy full time.

Turkey: Done! Side dishes: Some done, some almost done!

Turned into quite the nice spread of food, which was quickly devoured. And in the tradition of Thanksgiving, we all ate a little too much and had to spend a decent amount of time relaxing.

It's important to stay hydrated. And more enjoyable when your glass is hilarious.

Kelsey and Chris cleaned up the mess I made in her kitchen. They wouldn't let me help.

So I relaxed on the couch, balanced this container of cookies bars on my tummy, and watched some football.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am a Wasteland

Here's a little teaser post about Thanksgiving, mostly because the other one will just be about the food aspect. This is about me getting from my apartment to my dinner destination. In addition to it being a holiday adventure, it had that little something extra because it was my first time going to Queens (other than going to the airport, which I don't count as spending time in Queens).

My first time traveling to Queens involved taking a couple trains with just one long transfer (hey, Times Square station, hey). Probably the best part about my journey was noticing that everyone had a bag or two, like me, that contained food. One guy must have just finished baking the pie that his bag contained because when he walked on the train, the entire car soon filled with the aroma of fresh-baked pumpkin goodness. I would have probably noticed more, but I was ferociously reading in an attempt to finish my book.

Maybe I've acclimated to New York so well that I look comfortable even in new areas. Maybe I just look pleasant and approachable. For whatever reason, when I got off the train in my friend's neighborhood, I was soon approached by a gentleman who was about my age. Our conversation went something like this:

Him: "Excuse me, miss. Could you help me? My friend told me to get off at this stop and walk towards the McDonalds. Which direction is that?"
Me: "Not sure. See, my friend told me to get off this stop and walk towards 21st street sooooooooo yeahhhhhhh. Sorry!"

We laughed and parted ways. I'm going to assume he found his way. I win because I was more observant and easily saw which direction to walk.

Headphones back in, Ben Folds serenaded me as I made my way further into Astoria. There were Christmas decorations above the street and trees being sold on one corner. Then it happened. The song "Effington" came on. Now, I love this song. It's great. Here, have a listen, if you like.

And my first thought is about how Astoria kind of looked like how I imagined the epicenter of Effington would look. So I tried to snap a photo to capture it.

I mean, it doesn't really show everything that I saw (but it does very conveniently include the Christmas decor). Oh, Effington/Astoria/Whatever-You-Are, you are adorable. Soon I arrived at my destination, ready for some Thanksgiving magic.

Most of the supplies for the cooking were already in Kelsey's apartment. We had done our shopping a couple days prior and I allowed her the honor of schlepping the wares back to her abode without my assistance. Yes, I am that good of a friend. However, that does not mean I arrived empty handed. My bag contained a number of goods. I had dessert (some pumpkin and chocolate chip cookie bars), my book I was reading, a backup book in case I finished that one, some seasonings for the turkey, a sweater, my water bottle, an empty container to put leftovers in, and a couple tea bags in case I wanted to make tea. Chris, Kelsey's boyfriend, commented that I was much like a boy scout. Because of my current literature, I replied that I must be a Wasteland, and thanked Chris for helping me realize that. He was confused.

I pointed to the cover of the book and explained the premise of the chapter of the same title. (Quick book review: It is a delightful, it made me laugh, and Patton Oswalt is a lot of adorable.)

We made dinner. Drinking games were played. Football was watched. And at the end of the night, this Wasteland trekked home. On the return excursion, I did indeed finish my book (so good planning ahead on my part having that back up book) and began the next one, even with all of the distractions surrounding me. There was first the pile of vomit at one of the car I walked into. Then there was the whole people having bags obviously full of leftovers. And then the couple walking through the Times Square station with giant Toys'R'Us bags, full of their already-acquired Black Friday plunders.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

This is kind of what my life is like

So I get home. Lights are on. Roommate's computer is open. First thought: oh man, we're getting robbed and they're using my roommate's computer to find the nearest getaway house. Or something. I don't know what robbers google. Then I realize roommate must be home. And she is. Then this conversation happened.

Roommate: Hey! How was your Thanksgiving weekend?
Me: Great! My team won!
Her: ...........
Me: I mean, it was good. And my team became the champions of the state of Florida today.
Her (shaking her head):
Me: Oh. And the whole food thing was good too. But seriously, my team won!!

That really happened.

Friday, November 25, 2011

This is a great example of why I started this blog.

So I'm watching Mad Men (because I hate myself and apparently never want to get work done ever). I started the series on Wednesday and am currently watching episode eleven of the first season. I am a fan. I will continue in the fashion in which I am typically accustomed and devour this show as quickly as possible. The sooner I finish, the sooner it can't taunt me anymore. All of this exposition is not necessarily required for the point of this post.

Okay. So. I'm about to nerd the fuck out a bit about this show and weather and climate. The episode is titled "Indian Summer" and features numerous characters talking about how warm it is. Don Draper let's us know that it is October. An air conditioner salesman even makes an appearance at the house to hock his wares. My first reaction was questioning why he would be selling air conditioners in October. Then it hits me. What were the weather conditions like during October in 1960? How different were they from those typically seen? Let's check that out.

A google search has revealed that there was indeed a stretch of days in 1960 that were warmer than the 75th percentile of the climatology. Very interesting. And it makes sense. It happened later in the month of October and the subsequent episode takes place in early November. Well, that was fun. Oh, and ladies and gentlemen of the Man Men world, the next two Octobers also feature at least brief periods of significantly warmer weather.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This post is about shoes.

As part of my birthday week celebrations, the lovely Anticipated Serenity joined me for a shopping adventure. We had intended to photo document a lot more of it, but we were easily distracted by who knows what. Probably our own conversation. Or people. Or the shoes. The quest was for shoes, but we acquire numerous other goods as well. It wasn't until we saw some really horrendous shoes that we remembered our secondary goal of documenting our adventures.

Oh man. Check out those hairy, hairy shoes. And lucky for us, they were just her size! I mean, yes, it would have been funnier if she had to ask the sales associate to grab the correct size, which would have had the added benefit of seeing both feet encased in those fashion disasters, but this would do. These fabulous shoes also prompted us to consider if we could function if we had such shoes. Mostly, we had questions about if you had to brush them. Or style them. That is what led us to discussing how should we own such shoes, we would get distracted by them all the time, mostly in that we would attempt to braid the hair. It would probably preserve the subtle crinkle that hair would have upon purchase.

So while I was trying on shoes (trying to find a pair of boots that I could try on up here that my mom, should she so choose, could purchase them for me as a gift for Christmas), A.S. sought out task number two: find the tallest display shoe in her size.

They're crazy tall (and also look very funny next to the sneakers).

Good times. I found some boots. Almost bought them on the spot but they were expensive so we dashed out of that store before I couldn't control myself anymore. The solution? A cheaper shoe store. I was looking for some cute ballet flats. Not so successful in that, but it was my turn to try on some wonderful shoes.

The best part about these is the atrocious gold zipper that goes all the way to the toe.

All in all, it was a very successful day. We both made some purchases. I gathered a number of items, almost all on some sort of crazy sale. Because I'm a geek, I added up how much it would have cost (150-something) and how much I actually spent (80 and change) to see how much I saved (a fuckton). Win!

This story would have ended here if it weren't for the next morning. When I was waiting for the train, there was a girl next to me with the hairy boots. I stifled my giggles and snapped a photo.

Not the greatest photo, but at least it answers the question of if someone would actually wear those shoes.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Boys don't like me. It's probably because I'm too awesome.

As I sit here sipping on a beer, watching a documentary on atomic bombs while waiting for Monday Night Football to start, I am again reminded of why dudes should love me. This is my Monday night (and given my occupation as a server and bartender, my Saturday night), and I wouldn't have it any other way. That's a lie. The only thing I would change is someone to enjoy it with me. And maybe cable so I could actually watch the game (because streaming online is not always the best and refreshing the score on ESPN's website is so not the same). But alas, I am boyless.

Seriously though, how is this possible? I think about this often. My poor friends have had to listen to this diatribe many times. I am very much an independent woman. I can do this whole living as a pretend adult thing all by myself. I have my job, my work, my friends, and my hobbies to keep me entertained. But let's be honest. Sometimes I want to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie with a boy. Or go out for beers and watch a football game. Hell, sometimes I'm even down to just bum around and play video games. And when I get bored with them, you can continue, and I'll hang out with you and read a book or the internet or something (unless it's been all day, then seriously dude, let's go outside and do something). I really am that simple of a girl.

It was recently brought to my attention that maybe this nonchalance might actually keep the boys away from me. I mean, if I were a guy, I would think I was a perfect girlfriend. I enjoy sports and hate romantic comedies. I can't hear the word "thermonuclear" without thinking of WarGames (this thought brought to you by the documentary saying the word). My perfect date would probably be dinner and a movie. Or a show. Or a concert. Or a walk in the park. And dinner doesn't have to be anything fancy. If my team (or your team) is playing, bar food and some beers is totally okay. As long as your focus your sports banter mainly in my direction (you know, showing me your attention), I'm good.

Speaking of banter, my job should really help me in the whole dating scene. I work in sports bars. I'm surrounded by sports and guys all day. And part of my job is making the guest feel welcome at the bar. Typically, this involves engaging them in conversation, and I really do pride myself on being a girl who can hold my own. I admit my shortcomings and embrace where my sports knowledge excels. It's adorable and many people eat it up. Given this, you'd assume I'd probably be good at flirting, but I am one of the most awkward people ever. It might all be in my head, but it's most likely a fact. Or maybe I'm just never aware of when it's happening.

Really, boys, don't be intimidated by me. I have my girlie moments (usually in the case of being unsure about boys or needing to take a day to go shopping or making baked goods). And sure, I know about sports things, but I'm sure you know more. And I like video games, but I bet you can beat me at Halo more times than I can beat you (but when it comes to the original Super Mario Brothers, don't hold your breath. I will kick your ass). I don't need you to take my out to super fancy dinner (though a nice date here and there never hurt anyone).

Okay. That's all for now. If you need me, I'll be in the kitchen making cupcakes. And grabbing another beer.

None of this really needs to be said but I've come this far already.

And by "this far" I mean that I have opened the blogger page with the intent to write a real, longer blog post, but am not quite up to it just yet.

Anyway, on my breaks for studying for the LSAT I have been accomplishing great things. I sent my mom a Christmas list (because that is what mature 27-year olds do). I read random things on the internet (some of it legitimate news). I annoyed my little brother with inane gchat messages (he has a real, adult job and work to do or something). Debated editing/deleting a Facebook status update I made because it had a typo and I'm kind of obsessive about things like. Decided to leave it there. Debated acknowledging said typo right here, right now. Decided it was okay because I was thoroughly tipsy and full of love and joy when I wrote it. And I looked up future internships I could apply for as a law student because I'm impatient and too much of a future planner, and I want those jobs now! Because they look awesome. I am going to be the best Lorax ever.

I'm the epitome of productive. Or ADD. Both?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The whole world is watching.

I wonder how many blog posts are going up all around the world with that as the subject (or at least as the prominent feature) of the post. It's true though. The whole world is watching what happens with the Occupy movement. Being in New York, I felt compelled to join the protests, but did not. I kind of regret not being a part of this great moment in history. My reasoning was that I was going to get work done. Instead I spent a good chunk of today mesmerized by my Twitter feed, the Occupy Wall Street webpage, and the most importantly the livestream video. It sounds so cheesy and lame to say that it warms my heart, but it does. It makes me truly happy to see people out there voicing what should be a concern for so many of us. If I didn't have to work tonight, I would have been on my way to Foley Square. Just to witness it all, to be a part of it.

There are a lot of people out there who don't understand what the movement is about. Really, I don't think they want to know. They'd rather just sit idly by and let everything carry on as it should. When people ask me if I am for or against the protest, I smile and answer that I am so for it. When prodded further as to why, I iterate that the Occupy movement is for people like myself and many of my peers. It is for my generation, the next generation, for every generation. They are fighting for change for good.

The people that make me the saddest are those that know they are part of the 99% and claim that they do not stand with us. I even read something today with a quote from someone that was along the lines of that person being okay with barely making ends me, struggling with ever-increasing debt, and having no light at the end of the tunnel. How? How are you okay with this?

I look at my life and my future. I did everything right. I went to school. I went to college. I did well. I went to graduate school. I went for more graduate school. I have applied for jobs, was constantly rejected (not even brought in for an interview because of the 300 something applicants, I didn't even make that cut), and eventually got a job waiting tables. My life plan originally (well, as of a couple years ago) included going on to get a PhD. Part of my decision to stray from this idea was the current economy. Funding for research based PhDs is decreasing while the lack of jobs is increasing the number of applicants. Even if I were to get a degree, the prospect of jobs is grim. I have since reevaluated (see previous post about law school), and yes, part of that was as a result of looking at what is feasible. As a counter to this, I offer the fact that I almost didn't go to college. I almost dedicated my life to being a professional ballerina. I didn't because I knew that I would have a longer and most likely more successful career in academics. Eight years later and I have the same job I had the summer after my freshman year in college.

And I'm okay with that. I was thinking today about how my morning consisted of me sitting on the couch, reading the internet, and eating Cheerios right out of the box. If I wasn't so confident in myself and my future, it could have been a depressing sight to see. I know I will overcome this year off from academics. I will return to the scene and get shit done. And the Occupy movement will hopefully allow for enough positive change in our country that it will be worth it. Hopefully those who work hard and do what was always taught to us will come out okay.

Last little tidbit before I go. I think one of my favorite things about the Occupy movement is how "occupy" has come to signify so many things. It is often used in a joking or even derogatory sense, but it's there. It has infected our culture. And that is what this protest is about. Getting people thinking and talking. Making people aware. It's step one. Whether people like it or not or agree with it or not, they know about it. They're thinking about it. They're talking about it. The conversation has been started and we will all keep it going.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"No, it's like bandaid Nelly"

Tonight is Birthday Eve. Original plans got cancelled at the last second. Sad face. Whatever. They were rainchecked for actual birthday so can't complain. Last minute dinner plans were made instead. I didn't have to pick a time or a location, and that is probably a great thing because I am terrible at such decisions. Now, the dinner wasn't for me or anything special. It was a couple of my friends enjoying a pre-show meal and the invite was extended to me to join. We sit down and chat while waiting for food. My two dinner companions had both been to this establishment before. I had not. Upon hearing this, they made it very clear that I must check out the bathrooms prior to departure. They apparently don't read this blog and don't know about my love of interesting bathrooms and how they were once a post on here (right here). So yes, this dinner involved the almost asshole comment of "I am so going to blog about this". And I am true to my word.

Basically, there are four individual bathrooms, each with a star with the name of a music icon (probably the best word...maybe...) printed on it. The favorite bathroom for both of my friends was this one.

Due to Dolly being occupied (apparently it is the favorite of multiple people), people had to mix it up.

Kris went with Nelly. Kelsey skipped me in line for the one I wanted, so I waited patiently. I mean, how could I see her star and not choose it for my bathroom experience.

It was worth the wait.

Not just because while you're doing your thing you have this crazy mural next to you, but you are serenaded by the artist while you do your business. Why yes, Cher, I do believe in life after love after love after love. Also, I believe in crazy awesome, overly thought out bathrooms.

Hey neighbors.

This is a quick story to say that I sometimes do weird things that are funny to probably just me. And sometimes they are accidental. Like today, when I was going to do my laundry, I threw on some sandals to head to the basement. Get back upstairs and take off said shoes. It wasn't until I went to put the shoes back on to go switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer that I noticed that it was two different sandals. Now, if I say sandals, I definitely mean my Kinos because those are the only sandals I have. Given that, I do have a ridiculous number of these sandals in all different colors. This pair that I had spontaneously created was two different styles on top of being different colors too. Being too lazy to find the proper companion for one or the other of these shoes, I just kept wearing them for all of my laundry endeavors. And of course this is the one time that I run into many neighbors and my super. I doubt they noticed. But if they did, awesome.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm being productive in the library!

Well, sort of.

I could preface this with a lot of backstory about how no one in this library has yet offered to go get me a salad, but that would take time (and that pretty much sums it up already). Whatever. I looked up from my work (okay, I'm only kind of working as in I just started working, but I think I've accomplished some things today, mostly email sending, so it's alright) to observe my fellow library inhabitants. Maybe their incredible focus would inspire me to stop just chatting on the internet and do some actual work. That's when I noticed that I'm sitting almost by myself and everyone else is crowded on the other side of the room.

Note that there are no tables behind me, no one sitting at my table with me, nor anyone at the table directly in front of me. Everyone is just crowded together over there. What the hell, guys?! I thought we were all studying together! This is a library after all. So I probably should yell at them for being so antisocial. Or rather, for making me look antisocial. Actually, I probably shouldn't yell.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You know that list of reasons of why I will never be a real adult? Add this to it.

So, on the verge of panicking about not being able to access data, graphics, and the scripts to produce said graphics, I sent out my third attempt to contact the owner of the hosting server. Previous emails were all polite. They started with things like "hope things are well" and "long time no chat" followed by the point of the email. No response. What do I do? Send the best email ever written:

Sorry to bother you again, but I'm still hoping to hear back from you about the status of the server. Need to snag some graphics and matlab files from it. Let me know if it's alive, dead, or sleeping, and if/when you know it'll be back up and running. Thanks!


In a slightly crazier world (or a world were people understand the processes going on in my brain), I would have included a postscript. It would have gone something like this...

Ps. I know you are alive and somewhat with internet as you tweeted the other day. We're all very excited about Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls series is indeed amazing. But seriously, email me back.

Update: I received an almost immediate response from the email, even without my awesome postscript. There were apologies and a promise to keep me informed. Apparently, the server has been asleep since the snowstorm. Or in a coma. I'm not sure how you classify server ailments.

Not all who wander are lost

Tolkein was a wise man and I am definitely a wanderer. Sometimes I might think I am lost, but I find my way back to some path and let it take me wherever. I am at the whimsy of the universe. It got me here via a constantly changing life plan that I had laid out for myself. And I am okay with that. I am okay with the fact that I entered college with no idea what my degree would be. Graduate school was never my intention, but once the idea was posed to me (and yes, with the encouragement of you would be very successful in it), it seemed like the only path for me. I abandoned my somewhat recent aspirations to be a broadcast meteorologist (and I will go on the record to say that I was pretty good at it) to pursue further education. It kind of makes sense.

Throughout my undergraduate work, I took more classes than required and took classes that were completely not related to any major I was considering pursuing just so that I could learn as much as possible. I did this in graduate school too, taking on more courses than required for the degree. I even took a couple of anthropology classes because they seemed interesting and totally relatable to meteorology and climatology. My meteorological peers were mostly confused and the department as a whole probably thought I was some sort of weirdo ("What do you mean you finished all of your required courses and have taken three electives when you only needed to take one?").

Really, it all comes down to my love of learning and gaining new information and stepping outside of the box. Luckily my professor at Florida State knew all of this and encouraged me to apply to the Climate and Society program. I had looked at this program for a couple years and dreamed of getting in. I never thought it would happen. It did. And it was amazing. It was everything I wanted. It was a mix of everything with a huge emphasis on seeing how different disciplines can be connected together. You know, exactly what I had done while I was at FSU. The most important thing that I wanted to take away from this program was what my next move should be.

I thought PhD. I applied. Rejected. I applied to a handful more schools the following year. Rejected. Seriously, people, I know I'm competent and can do this. They apparently don't think so. I start doubting myself. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a scientist. Maybe all of those years growing up and not liking science (not sure why, but I didn't) caught back up to me. Maybe they sensed that I couldn't actually do it. The time to consider applying again has arrived. Time to start looking at programs and research opportunities. And I felt myself not being able to do it. I also felt myself reconsidering something I had always had in the back of my mind but didn't really share with anyone because I thought people would think I was crazy.

So here it goes. I had always considered law school. Environmental Law, specifically. It was one of my "what should I do after Columbia" questions that I posed to myself. And really, it kind of makes sense. It's all logic and facts and puzzles and bringing that all together to tell a story of sorts. And if you ask me what I want to do with my life, it would be to make some sort of difference by being able to write about the environment and climate and climate change with some sort of authority. So law school seems like a possibility.

I start looking into it. I research the possible institutions and their course offerings. I even look at some job postings to see what kind of opportunities I could be presented with post graduation. I'm kind of a lot of excited. And for everyone thinking it's quite the deviation from my path, don't. I did always consider it, but wasn't sure it was for me. The more I think about it, the more I realize it's for me. I've started studying for the LSAT. I will take it next month. The score I get will determine when and where I apply. If I have to take another year off, I will. If I decide to apply to combo PhD/JD programs, I will. I have time. And it could be yet another great, spontaneous adventure in my life.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just another ordinary day with Susan

Let me start this off by saying that I have known my friend Sue for just about eight years now. We met our freshman year in college, and our friendship flourished over the years through a mutual appreciation of academics, hilarious things, and adventures. Conveniently enough, I live in the same city as her family and her husband while she (tragically) must live in South Bend for school. Lucky for me, this proximity to said family means that she visits often and usually stays for longer than a weekend or so. It is those times when I get to see her, even if it's just for a day. Or part of a day. Or whatever. And yes, we are totally those friends that can go for what seems like forever and a day without seeing one another, but when we get together, it's like nothing ever changed.

This brings me to our most recent adventure. Her school had their fall break and she chose to spend hers in New York. Shocking, I know. So while we could have just met up and had lunch and chatted, we decided to make it a little more interesting. She proposed the idea of going to Chelsea Market for an afternoon of walking around various specialty shops and sampling a variety of food stuffs. Making the day that much more fun and hilarious was the addition of her niece. And yes, this is the rest of the adventure that occurred the day that I bought Role Models by John Waters (featured here).

Since Sue had been to here before, she actually had a list. I had no agenda other than acquire food. Prior to finding a legitimate meal, we had to take care of Susan's errands. First stop was The Filling Station. Sue needed olive oil or some vinegar or something. There were a number of people crowded into the one little section. To avoid being in the way, Krista (Sue's niece) and I stood back, waited, and watched. Oh, and of course making comments. I had just relayed an observation to Krista that it appeared that people were sampling the oils and vinegars from little paper cups. Just straight. Not quite like a shot, but still, totally straight. I probably made some sort of almost judging them face. And with perfect timing, Sue comes up to us and with the sincerest excitement, she thrusts a cup into my hand with a statement along the lines of "you have to try this".

It was at this moment that we solidified that this would have to be a blog post, and so, in the name of journalistic integrity (or something like that), I tried the two different vinegars. We also sampled a couple of the oils. Really, why not. It was so absurd. Krista would not participate. She chose to spend those moments looking at us with confusion on her face.

While Sue debated which vinegar to purchase,
I turned around to check out the salts. Yes, the salts. All kinds of different flavored salts.

That's right! Bacon flavored salt. You could sample these too. And I did. Except I tried the merlot salt.

It tasted like...salt.

Sue made her purchases. We stopped by other shops. We sampled some candies. All was well. One of the best moments of the day though might have been Krista announcing that she thought it was weird that Sue and I didn't think any of this was in any way extraordinary. We had no answer for her.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm still not sure what normal people do during the Fall...

So tonight I took my friend Joseph out to watch some football. It was a big day for me, and probably a good number of Seminole fans like myself, as Christian Ponder started his first NFL game today. I mean, Joseph and I needed to catch up on life in general as I hadn't seen him in nearly a couple weeks or something outrageous like that, so it seemed like the perfect event.

This post isn't about how well Ponder played. Or about me reminiscing about him as a college player. It is merely to say that I was posing thoughts to Joseph, mostly of the one-sided nature as he could care less about professional football, and the girl at the table next to us finally said something. A simple question of "did you go you to Florida State" and "what year did you graduate?" quickly followed. I engaged her and her pals in conversations. They too were Florida State alums just out out there to watch Ponder play, not necessarily Vikings fans.

I love this city of how-ever-fucking-million people it contains because of great little stories like that.

Promises, promises

So I know like forever ago that I promised to post about my moving adventures. This was brought to my attention when I was looking over other posts that were started by not complete (mostly my upcoming post detailing my adventures with my friend Sue that transpired on the same day as the book buying incident featured here).

Here's the thing. That happened so long ago that it seems a bit ridiculous to include it now. So instead, here's the mini version. I had to get a new apartment. Had two days. Found one. Got a moving van. Did a bunch of the moving myself with sporadic help from my friends Erik and Joseph on both ends of the move. I ended up covered in bruises, which were hilarious to explain to coworkers and customers. Many people assumed I had been beaten and I was asked on more than one occasion if I needed to talk about anything. They were relieved when I assured them that I did not have an abusive boyfriend (hard to have an abusive boyfriend when you don't have a boyfriend in the first place) and that it was more because I'm a huge klutz.

It took a couple weeks to get organized, but the roommate and I made it work. Oh, and during this time I started new jobs. So that was fun too. And by fun, I mean crazy and at times incredibly stressful, but I tend to be far too optimistic and happy-go-lucky (sometimes for my own good), so I made the most of things.

Okay, back to my regularly scheduled programming of working on my results chapter of my thesis. And/or maybe finishing that post about the other day...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Everyone knows that I should not be allowed in bookstores. Ever.

So I was working on making a post about my adventures with my friend Sue, when I remembered I meant to post about this first!

Things that are facts about me. I should never, ever be allowed to enter a bookstore unsupervised. Here's the thing. I was on a mission. I was out to buy a book. One specific book. A book I mentioned at the end of this post. Honestly, it's tradition. A new Palahniuk book comes out and I have to have it that day.

So I arrived a bit earlier than my friend and happened upon a bookstore. Figured it was a perfect place to pass the time. My love of bookstores prevents me from just walking in and asking for the book I want. Instead, I'd rather wander around until I find it myself. This is where disaster happens. I can't find the book. Anywhere. So I'm walking by stacks of books, seeing titles that I would consider reading. Then that thing that always happens happened. I saw a book, and almost without thinking about it, I picked it up.

How could I not?! It's John fucking Waters! It was after this that I found the new release section. And there was no copy of Damned anywhere! Time to ask the clerk. Walked up, book in hand, and asked. She was just as surprised that they didn't have it. At least I didn't leave empty handed. Best part about all of this was when I finally met up with Sue. Told her how I went looking to purchase Damned. Her eyes moved to the book in my hand then back to meet mine. We laughed before words were spoken. Her niece looked confused. I explained my bookstore disease and how Sue did not need the explanation. She still seemed confused, but was willing to let it slide.

After our adventures (which will be detailed in another post), we parted ways. First stop for me? You guessed it! Another bookstore! I was not about to accept defeat. Big chain bookstore totally had it in stock. Purchase was made. And I got out of there as quickly as possible to avoid the risk of purchasing yet another book.

It was all I could do to not start reading it the second I walked out the door. I waited until the subway, which I took to Times Square. I had tentative plans to meet a friend there, who ended up getting delayed. Fine by me. Two hours of just sitting and reading? Perfect. Times Square also provides the added benefit of still being crazy well-lit after the sunsets, leaving me with no time limit on my reading light.

And sometimes random people affiliated with Godspell will cease handing out fliers for a quick performance of "We Beseech Thee".

And as if it couldn't get any more New York, on the way home there was some filming going on in my neighborhood. The PA that made everyone on the sidewalk stop walking as to not interrupt filming said it was for a TV show. Here's kind of a blurry picture of him and some of the lights in the background.

Quite the day.

And if you really want to know, yes, I already finished Damned. Guess I'll have to move onto my next book.

Monday, October 17, 2011

This meal gets its own post

Something I left out of the GrubHub mention from earlier was one of the greatest options they have when you're ordering on the site. As you're checking out, they ask if you would like the delivery place to forego the cutlery and napkins. The reason? Oh, it says right on there about how you care about the environment and that is why you are making that choice. For this, I might try to use them more often.

Added bonus was that the place I ordered from did not use styrofoam contains. Instead they use the plastic ones that I can reuse to store my own food if and when I ever cook. Twas a good night of ordering food. Go me. Go GrubHub. Go Chinese food place.

Now back to Breaking Bad. Already on episode 4, which is pretty good given all of the breaks I have taken this evening.

Welcome to tonight's edition of combining many of the running themes of this blog into one possibly horrible hopefully awesome post!

Today has been one of those days. Everything piles up at once and you aren't really sure what step to take next and what is taking top priority. I should have known when I woke up and my tongue ring was missing. Apparently, drunk me (or asleep me, not sure which) took it out because I found it in the window sill. Seriously, who does that?! But that wasn't the cause of me going "what the fuck?!" for most of the day. After a day of attempting to work but too much stress occupying the parts of my brain that I would use to write code and/or discuss results.

How do we remedy this? Why, with the calming effect one wine. That's right! Ingredient one in the themes is drinking while blogging. Ingredient two is a little more subtle and involves me avoiding doing work by doing things like watching TV (well, Netflix) and blogging about it while drinking wine. Oh yes, I have hit play on a new show on Netflix. That's the third element. I thought about watching a movie, but totally did the whole thing about not having the time to rope myself into a two hour flick. Truth be told, I'll probably end up watching more than one episode.

Here is where I wish Netflix had some sort of randomizing type button. Like, I would love to be able to put a handful of shows or movies or both, and then hit random to let Netflix tell me what to watch. These are the things I think about when I don't have cable.

Now for some specifics:
- Wine: Cupcake Cabernet
- Show: Breaking Bad
- Work that I'm avoiding: Making graphics for my results section

I hit play on this and almost stopped it but was kind of hooked right away from the opening sequence. Also, I've been meaning to watch this show for a while because I've heard nothing but great things and because it was created, written (at least the first episode, too lazy to look up the details), and directed (again, at least this episode) by Vince Gilligan. I had looked his name up before (when I first read about the show) because it looked familiar. Not only did he work on the X-Files, but wrote some of the really great mythology episodes. Shit. I think I just outed myself. And now I kind of want to watch that. Maybe I'll switch to that next or later.

Photos! That's another running theme! Here's one I just took of the clouds outside.

They're crazy interesting. Like this show.

I'm starting to feel better. This glass of wine is half empty. Also, this is my first apartment I've ever lived in where I didn't have wine glasses. Even when I didn't drink wine all the time, I had wine glasses just in case. Thought about using a coffee cup for hilarious reasons, but it didn't seem right. Instead I'm using a regular glass.

Chinese food? Might have to happen. More updates later. Maybe.

Update: So I find it kind of weird that they've censored this show. Like, I understand that it was on AMC and maybe they can't say shit, but this is Netflix! And how do they handle it with the DVDs? Isn't this supposed to be like the DVDs? I'm confused. And that's not just the wine talking.

Also, ordered some Chinese food via Grubhub because I'm too lazy to call someone and talk to people. Point and click is like the extent of it. And it was totally worth it because they send you an adorable email saying that they heart you and what kind of car they'd like to be. Yeah, totally consider that an advert for them. Or a recommendation. Whatever. Food incoming in like 45 minutes. Worth the wait. Going to be amazing!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Laundry day is a very dangerous day

I have been saying for days that I need to do my laundry, which, by my usual standards, puts me ahead of schedule when (not if!) I accomplish getting it done today (since normally it takes me at least a week of saying it's laundry day before it happens). I would have done it days ago (honest!), but I was lacking in quarters. So, today, before I left work, I hit up the bartender for some quarters out of the drawer. Win. Also, I got cut so it's pretty much like a day off even though I had to go in for an hour and help set up. Whatever. Day off! First day off in like nine days. Yay!

But that diatribe is not the point of this post. The point relates to me feeling guilty about lying. And about me feeling bad for being an asshole. Or something like that.

So I was on the train heading home, rocking out to some Cake, and kicking some serious Free Cell ass, when this woman begins her progression through the car asking for change. Well, I didn't know what she was asking, but when she got to me it seemed like her mouth said "got any change?" to which I shook my head and went back to my conquering of the cards. Then my mind went on hilarious inner monologue mode of what I would do if I were a complete asshole. I could have been all, "why yes, I do have coins, but they're for my laundry though, so back off!" but that seems unnecessarily harsh. Also, she would probably kill for some clean clothes. Or maybe just the quarters. She seemed to nice to do something like that, but I probably seem to nice to have a thought like that.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

This should be about victory, but (spoiler alert!) it isn't

Remember this post? Well, I was thinking I should stake claim to that blog name just to have it for whenever I'm bored enough (aka avoiding work enough) to make a blog about the little things people could do to lessen their carbon footprint. Or something else where helpful hints and instruction would be the focus. Maybe cookies recipes. Who knows.

BUT! Some asshat already has it! And he deserves being called an asshat because there's nothing posted in the blog! Well, there's one sort of almost post that is just a "more to come!" post. Excuse me, bro, but you can't have "more to come" if there's nothing there to start with. Try again. Also, the post is from 2004.

And just to be safe, I checked out a slightly different variation. Also taken. By a guy with like five posts. They're not terrible, but they're from 2007. Seriously guys, I'm possibly going to help people. You know with "here's how to make recycling in your home easier" or "here's yet another successful cookie recipe". But let's face it. Most cookie recipes are successful. Because cookies are delicious.

Book lovers with organizational OCD will totally understand how awesome this news really is

It's no secret that I am a fan of Chuck Palahniuk. I have read all of this non-fiction books, many of them more than once by a bunch. Initially, I read the books by borrowing them from my cousin. Once I realized that I wanted to reread the books, I started purchasing my own copies to build my collection. I started with one of the new releases, which meant that I had to buy a hardcover. I shouldn't say "had to" because, in all honesty, I love hardcover books. Given the choice to purchase a hardcover book or a paperback, hardcover every time. I don't care that it's more expensive, heavier, or harder to fit into a small purse, they look better on a bookshelf. Actually, I think they look better in general. And I tend to carry huge purses, so there goes that argument. I could also probably use the work out of carrying around the heavier book as I an aversion to gyms and going for runs and such. As for the expensive thing, books really aren't that expensive and I'm spending the money at all, what's a few extra dollars for pretty.

In building the Chuck collection, however, there's a snag in the plan. One of his earliest books, Invisible Monsters was not released in hardcover form ever. Like, even at initial release. I've been wanting to reread it for so long, but couldn't justify purchasing a paperback copy. I mean, it would throw off that whole section of my bookshelf and we can't have that! So for years I have gone without. Until today. Well, not quite today, but sort of. Today I learned that they are rereleasing Invisible Monsters in June 2012 as a hardcover edition. There was also something about it being a remix edition too, which is fine. According to Chuck's website, the added chapters and whatnot bring the book to the level that he desired for its initial release (if you're interested, I highly recommend reading about his early career and the process of writing and publishing both Invisible Monsters and Fight Club).

Needless to say, I'm so fucking excited! Collection will be one step closer to being complete on the 11th of June in 2012. Until then, I can purchase some of the others, reread my favorites, etc, beginning Tuesday when I buy his new release Damned.

I shit you not...

This post is about bathrooms. Yes, that's right. Bathrooms.

Maybe it's just me, but sometimes you come across a public restroom (or maybe private ones too, I don't have any examples of those so I'm not really sure) that is interesting. I say interesting because that seems like it would cover all bathrooms, from ugly to awesome. Now, I feel like some people might find it weird that I'm taking photos in a bathroom. I mean, it is a private space and not usually the prime photo taking location. I think that adds to the fun. When I walk into a great bathroom that begs to be documented, I have to snap the photos without other people seeing. While some people might not mind, I'm sure a significant amount of people would be totally weirded out by someone taking photos in a bathroom. However, the other night, mission accomplished!

So the other night, I ended up in a very famous New York location (not going to reveal it here, but guesses on the location based on the bathroom photos welcome). After some time of enjoying a bit of food and drink, it was bathroom time for the usual reasons. The second I entered the door I almost forgot about the primary objective because I was so enamored with the hilariousness of the bathroom. Seriously, check out the hand drier!

I'm not sure if that color yellow is still even in production any more. And I should have expected something like that given the entrance to said bathroom. The outside was made to look like it was a single person outhousey-type stall thing, but that was just a facade.

So that's the view from inside the bathroom looking back towards the entrance. What I noticed as I was about to leave (and of course stopped myself in order to snap a photo) was that this little faux-atrium to the bathroom had no roof over it, so you can plainly see the neon sign that indicates that the ladies restroom is through this magical door.

That neon sign might give away the restaurant location if one has been there before and was observant enough to look at all of the neon signage on display all over the restaurant. Ooh! You know what will really give it away? My favorite part of the bathroom.

It begs the asking of so many questions. Like, where exactly do I dispose of my sanitary napkins? Right there in the regular trash? Why is there a picture of a hotdog as part of this sign? Wait, were there even the little bins inside the bathroom? (I forgot to check so maybe there were, maybe there weren't. I saw this sign as I was washing my hands.)

All of that was very exciting. I apologized to my dinner companion about it taking a bit longer than usual for me to hit the loo and explained that it was because I had to take photos. Then I changed the conversation topic so as to not have to the address the possibility of a "you were doing what?" question that might have arisen. Especially because this happened again in the same evening at a different establishment.

But seriously, how could I not document this place's bathroom?!

Random black and white photos all over the wall! Graffiti!! Bright red doors!!! A toilet paper roll just out outside of the stalls!!!! And that toilet seat!!!!!

Those exclamation points aren't probably all necessary, but it was totally a crazy bathroom. And it wasn't all black and white and red all over, the main door was blue.

Overall, very visually intense, but so awesome. I might have mentioned that I had encountered a second photo-worthy bathroom to my friend, but I'm not sure. Many beers were consumed at that point and I was in a rush to meet another friend at a different bar (it was quite the busy Tuesday evening). Tragically, that bar did not have an interesting bathroom. Well, I didn't see it. I just asked the bartender. That's the kind of thing I do sometimes.

Friday, September 23, 2011

So this just happened...

And I have far too much work to do to not write a blog post.

I won't get into the details, but I have this thing with photos. I never think I look good, which is something that is probably characteristic of a lot of people, but I think I'm more afflicted with this than others. Probably just my self-perception. Anyway, current Facebook profile photo is of me laughing while taking a photo. It's really meta and characteristic of me. However, it bores me (and, like I said, I should be working right now instead of procrastinating), so I felt like a change was in order. Go go gadget PhotoBooth!

Opened the application, mentally prepare myself with the mantra of "no, your smile does not look stupid, and yes, your hair is fine" and the like. Enter Socks, my little kitty man who sometimes demands my full attention. You can tell I absolutely adore him with photo number one.

That's a lot of love. How does he reciprocate such feelings?

Bam! Ass in the face! Silly cat. At least I'm a good sport about it and find it funny.

He returned to his perch on my lap so that a legitimate photo could be taken, where he would only make a small cameo via his ears and the top of his head.

And after all of that, I'm not sure if I'll go with one of those photos because I totally don't want people to judge me for taking PhotoBooth photos because I'm afraid they'll think I'm narcissistic.

Update: Here's a bonus photo of me and Socks-bear from a number of years ago. My adoration is the same, but the hair is different.

Oh, how's the work going? Well, really well. OBVIOUSLY!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I haven't been meaning to avoid just about every form of social media, it just kind of happened

This is one of those posts where I apologize for not posting more and promise to update more regularly. Maybe tomorrow will be the lucky day when I finally post the trials and tribulations of my moving adventure. It kind of works out because my room is completely unpacked and ready for viewing. You know, after only like three weeks of living here!

Here's the excuse portion. Been working a lot. Exhausted all of the time. Stressing about life and money and all that jazz. Basically, nothing has changed.

On the plus side, I don't think my cat is sick anymore. I'm kind of beyond tired and should have been asleep like an hour ago. So I am off to do that now. Expect a real post between the next day or month.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Too many of my posts could start with "I should be doing _____, but I'm not"

This is one of those posts.

So, I should be putting stuff away (see?), but instead I'm reading NFL stats and whatnot to pretend that I'm going to make a great fantasy team. Thirst eventually overcame me, so I hit up the kitchen to see what beverages were available. Being the great roommate that I am, I decided to free up some space in the refridgerizer by finishing the pineapple juice. Like the lady that I am, proceeded to drink it straight out of the carton, while talking about football. My poor, new roommate. What has she gotten herself into?! Note: Totally going to make a post (posts?) about moving. Probably soon. Maybe. If you're lucky.

None of this is necessarily relevant to this post. Really, I just wanted to post a photo of the side of the pineapple juice container. BECAUSE IT'S RIDICULOUS!
Since I drank the pineapple flavor, I am therefore, according to their little personality test, independent. The stuff at the top might be a bit hard to read. In summation, I like making new friends as I travel, something about picnics and people watching, and my attitude involves using my imagination.

I done got horroscoped! By juice!

Update: If you click the picture, you can read all the things! So read all the things!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If anyone asks, I'm totally packing up my things

This post will be short because I should be packing. I should also be getting ready for work.

My life has been really nonstop lately in the epic quest to find an apartment. Short version is that I found a place and am moving first thing tomorrow morning. Should be an epic adventure and I'm very excited. On top of all of that, I get to work a fuckton. So yay for being busy and having things to do.

Oh, and I'll probably do a sappy post to my lovely roommate and friend, Kira.

Here's a random photo of some of my stuff in bags and such. Notice the laundry hamper full to the brim. Can't wait to do laundry. Mostly because it needs to be done. Also notice how the bookcase is still full of books.

I'm thinking sleep will happen never. Or on Saturday night. Or something. Maybe. No promises.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I know I said I wouldn't blog...

We're watching another bad movie than before. An even worse movie than before. Many drinks have been consumed. Today is a good day. Endlessly quotable but I can't type well enough or fast enough to bring it to fruition. Also, I'm using too many big words for this.

Making a drink. The one from last night. Bacardi bottle, you will be empty in less than five minutes!

Okay. This is terrible. Done blogging. Ass grab!

So remember that time I was ranting about a stupid rom-com...

You know, this one? Well, it's on again. And I'm taking this opportunity to finish it, this time with more beer! Or rather, with a beer. It's like I'm playing a drinking game with myself. I think I'm losing. My beer is already gone, and I'm too lazy to get up another.

Now, everyone knows that I am so far from the romantic-comedy-watching girl. Like, beyond far from it. Yet, I was disappointed that FX isn't having a marathon of them. They're switching to action movies all day. Wait! Is there football on?! Even if there was, I probably couldn't convince the roommates to join me. Instead, maybe we'll hit up Netflix, pick out some terrible flicks, and build a puzzle. And drink. This is how you do the post-hurricane dance. Especially when you don't personally see the effects of it and are left with power, no flooding, and all that jazz. We can't go anywhere though (still no mass transit or word on when it will reactivate), so we will make the best of it!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

As if four posts today weren't enough, let's make it an even hand

That's totally a phrase I just made up and I don't know how well it works. Going with it anyway.

The only point of this post is to talk about the drink I created.
- Six ice cubes (you know, like the giant cube ones from a crack-it-yourself ice tray)
- 1 part Bacardi (because we still haven't gotten rid of it from previous parties)
- 2 parts coconut rum (or more - that shit is weak and delicious so add it accordingly)
- A quarter of a lime squeezed so delicately in (this step could also be called "check to see if you have any teeny tiny lacerations on any of your fingers)
- Fill glass to about two inches below the top with raspberry flavored seltzer (use a pint glass, I did)
- Add a couple splashes of cranberry juice and bam! You're done!

It's truly delicious and not too sweet. Now pop in a movie and get your drink on!

Because sometimes your friends want to get drunk and rant about a movie for you

Avid blog follower but not (currently) blog producer, Anticipated Serenity , has graciously offered to compose a guest blog. I have told her before she could do this whenever and as the theme of today is apparently watching movies (I'm watching Tangled as a followup to an episode of MST3K) and drinking while awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irene, it seemed like the right time. Cheers!

So here we are, my friends and I, bunkered down from East-Coast-Hurricanemageddon-2011, watching movies and boozing and waiting for it all to end. We’ve watched a few and then settled on Reality Bites as none of us had seen it (I know, cardinal sin of my generation apparently). And as will probably be seen as a more cardinal sin amongst my generation, I was not a fan, which pains me as I love Janeane Garafalo (who was excellent in this movie). Here’s why:

***Spoiler Alert – to those who somehow missed watching this movie like me, I will be giving away the plot and the end. You have been warned***

While this may have been groundbreaking at the time, in 2011 this is seems like a trite representation of what the “90s” mean. Some of it is to be expected. Obviously the fashion – it was made in the 90s so clearly their fashion would be unbelievably such. But also the whole message of “we’re young and we’re anti-establishment at all costs” and “nobody understands my feelings like I do” and “we are all alone on this island that is life” etc…that got tiring quickly. Am I being too harsh on these messages? Maybe. Again, at the time this may have been groundbreaking. Hell, maybe it is because of this movie, or at least in part, that these elements are now stereotypical of the 90s.

Luckily, I have better reasons for disliking this movie. The movie poses itself to be an expose of sorts about life for the young college graduates of the 90s. Almost like the older sibling of The Breakfast Club. However, unlike The Breakfast Club that actually delved into issues facing the youth they were representing and focused on more than romance, Reality Bites skimmed the surface of very pressing and important issues (AIDS, homosexuality acceptance, the job market, student loans, etc.) and instead focused on the oh-so-important love triangle between Ryder, Hawke and Stiller. The love triangle, which attempts to be really edgy adding in sex, speeches featuring a lot of SAT words and a lot of pseudo-philosophical crap when in reality (ß see what I did there? Reality check about Reality Bites? I’m so clever. Like this movie. #sarcasm) it is the classic love triangle. Girl falls for Boy 1, Boy 1 dismisses her. Girl settles for Boy 2, which makes Boy 1 jealous. Boy 1 and Boy 2 now fight over Girl and ultimately force her to choose. 9 out of 10 times Girl chooses wrong Boy. This movie is no exception. If anything it’s more insulting than one may find the traditional romcom because it pretends to be enlightened and above such trivial things when really it’s the same old story.

Hawke plays the token disenfranchised youth who can’t be bothered to actually take responsibility for his behavior and believes, probably based on a Philosophy 101 class he took while stoned, that society owes him. Why society owes him, no one knows, but it is clear society has wronged this man and must excuse all his behavior. He goes so far as to use this to justify his theft of a snickers bar and excuse his own responsibility from why he was fired (which was theft…because of the snickers bar). Ryder is valedictorian of her class who is going to conquer the world. Until she gets fired from her internship because she thinks her boss is a prick. This is, of course, her boss’s fault for not “getting” her. She then refuses to look for employment deemed “beneath” her, as again she was valedictorian. This seems to spit in the face of the enlightenment vibe they’re going for with this movie; however it is pretty accurate of the recent college description. Then enter Stiller, who is supposed to be the yuppie. I think the directors don’t actually know what a yuppie is. Stiller is clearly a young kid who got in on the ground floor of business and is trying to make it work out. He makes mistakes and is the only one in the movie to admit he makes mistakes. That doesn’t make him a yuppie, that makes him a responsible adult.

Ryder and Stiller go out on a few dates, sex a bit, and then he has to ya know…go do his job. This is also a responsible adult thing to do that is mistaken as a negative. His big mistake is when in an attempt to help Ryder, he insults her creative genius (did I mention she’s an amateur film maker/video journalist. Yea…). He dares to take her movie about her friends (nothing trite there) and edits it so that it’s actually marketable. To reiterate – for a girl that he dates a couple of times, he takes her movie, pitches it to his contacts (which he can’t possibly have a lot given his age), actually gets her a deal, and when it doesn’t work out to Ryder’s specifications, she just walks out. Because clearly this is Stiller’s fault for not “getting” her.

Hawke and Ryder’s relationship is a horse of a different color. Best of friends who seem to do nothing but fight, one can cut the sexual tension with a knife. Or so the movie would like you to think. In actually almost every encounter is of Hawke being a jerk, Ryder calling him out on being jerk, and one of the two storming out of the room in utter frustration. One of these great scenes is where Hawke deliberately manipulates Ryder’s feelings, professes his love for her, and then claims it all to be a joke literally laughing in her face. Oh, he’s a regular Prince Charming. There is one scene where they seem to be getting along, then he tries to make out with her KNOWING she’s seeing Stiller, and he has the audacity to be upset that she won’t make out with him. He runs away like a child, not even coming back to his apartment for days. Finally he does, and after the horrible mistake Stiller made (see above paragraph), Ryder and Hawke sleep together in what is really, really awkward “passion” and profession of love. The next morning, Hawke runs out on her. This is my surprised face  -.- ßNote not actually surprised.

And then – for the climax! – Hawke sings a beautiful song at a venue that is, I shit you not, called “The Joint” and Ryder feels so moved that she’s all conflict-y about her anger towards him for running out on her. Just then Stiller runs in, apologizes for not getting Ryder, and attempts to fix it for her by presenting her with plane tickets he bought to New York so they could pitch to the TV/movie execs together so Ryder can have creative control. Wow an apology AND a logical solution?! What a…jerk? Ryder in a conflict, pulls Hawke aside and confronts him about leaving. He then pulls the “I’m a wild stallion, you can’t control me, and that scares you. But you’re the only woman I can ever love.” To Ryder’s credit she yells at him, but ALSO dismisses Stiller so she can go home and brood over what a jerk Hawke is. At the end of the day she’s left with 2 choices: 1) dark, broody, borderline violent and drug addicted, emotionally unavailable jerkwad who constantly leaves you or 2) the “yuppie” who actually has a work ethic, respects you, admits to his mistakes, and provides actual solutions to your problems. No brainer right ladies? Hello Jerkwad!

So really? REALLY?! After all this, she chooses the moron? She chooses the guy who says shit like “we all die alone eventually” and “my dad gave me a shell and said all of life answers are in this shell. That’s when I realized life is meaningless.” This dude was emo before emo was cool (oh wait, it was never cool. This dude was emo before emo was a thing). Oh and did I mention when the two boys faux fight over her? Epic quotes like “you can’t give her what she needs” “I know what she needs more than you do” – oh what an enlightened movie. Know who knows what she needs? The lady. Maybe ask her opinion? Just saying.

So at the end of the day this movie fails at being edgy as it was nothing but cliché. This movie fails at being progressive/enlightened as it was anything but. And this movie fails at being an actual romcom as there is no real happy ending, there is no character development, there is no actual romance, and other than Garafalo and Zahn (Steve Zahn is in this, also a great job by him. Go supporting actors go!), there is almost no comedy. So it basically fails at everything.

Why is this the movie of my generation?

Preparation: water edition

So here's a collection of photos (and a little snipet of information to go along with them) to share our strategy for having plenty of water on hand. First up, a quick tour of our fridge, starting with one of the more important things: caffeine. Kira has already prepared her coffee for tomorrow.
I have begun making tea, but have yet to finish the process or decide how I'm going to store it.

We also washed our fruit and placed it so gingerly in this fruit bowl.
Ah, fruit. Preventing scurvy and being something healthy to eat.

Now, water storage. Drinking water...

Teeth brushing/face washing water...

And toilet flushing water (because we don't have a tub)...

Though it doesn't look like we'll lose power, better to be prepared. Now time to enjoy this drink, these brownies, and a bit of MST3K.

Update: Forgot to include the water preparation for the kitties!