Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm being productive in the library!

Well, sort of.

I could preface this with a lot of backstory about how no one in this library has yet offered to go get me a salad, but that would take time (and that pretty much sums it up already). Whatever. I looked up from my work (okay, I'm only kind of working as in I just started working, but I think I've accomplished some things today, mostly email sending, so it's alright) to observe my fellow library inhabitants. Maybe their incredible focus would inspire me to stop just chatting on the internet and do some actual work. That's when I noticed that I'm sitting almost by myself and everyone else is crowded on the other side of the room.

Note that there are no tables behind me, no one sitting at my table with me, nor anyone at the table directly in front of me. Everyone is just crowded together over there. What the hell, guys?! I thought we were all studying together! This is a library after all. So I probably should yell at them for being so antisocial. Or rather, for making me look antisocial. Actually, I probably shouldn't yell.

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