Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just another ordinary day with Susan

Let me start this off by saying that I have known my friend Sue for just about eight years now. We met our freshman year in college, and our friendship flourished over the years through a mutual appreciation of academics, hilarious things, and adventures. Conveniently enough, I live in the same city as her family and her husband while she (tragically) must live in South Bend for school. Lucky for me, this proximity to said family means that she visits often and usually stays for longer than a weekend or so. It is those times when I get to see her, even if it's just for a day. Or part of a day. Or whatever. And yes, we are totally those friends that can go for what seems like forever and a day without seeing one another, but when we get together, it's like nothing ever changed.

This brings me to our most recent adventure. Her school had their fall break and she chose to spend hers in New York. Shocking, I know. So while we could have just met up and had lunch and chatted, we decided to make it a little more interesting. She proposed the idea of going to Chelsea Market for an afternoon of walking around various specialty shops and sampling a variety of food stuffs. Making the day that much more fun and hilarious was the addition of her niece. And yes, this is the rest of the adventure that occurred the day that I bought Role Models by John Waters (featured here).

Since Sue had been to here before, she actually had a list. I had no agenda other than acquire food. Prior to finding a legitimate meal, we had to take care of Susan's errands. First stop was The Filling Station. Sue needed olive oil or some vinegar or something. There were a number of people crowded into the one little section. To avoid being in the way, Krista (Sue's niece) and I stood back, waited, and watched. Oh, and of course making comments. I had just relayed an observation to Krista that it appeared that people were sampling the oils and vinegars from little paper cups. Just straight. Not quite like a shot, but still, totally straight. I probably made some sort of almost judging them face. And with perfect timing, Sue comes up to us and with the sincerest excitement, she thrusts a cup into my hand with a statement along the lines of "you have to try this".

It was at this moment that we solidified that this would have to be a blog post, and so, in the name of journalistic integrity (or something like that), I tried the two different vinegars. We also sampled a couple of the oils. Really, why not. It was so absurd. Krista would not participate. She chose to spend those moments looking at us with confusion on her face.

While Sue debated which vinegar to purchase,
I turned around to check out the salts. Yes, the salts. All kinds of different flavored salts.

That's right! Bacon flavored salt. You could sample these too. And I did. Except I tried the merlot salt.

It tasted like...salt.

Sue made her purchases. We stopped by other shops. We sampled some candies. All was well. One of the best moments of the day though might have been Krista announcing that she thought it was weird that Sue and I didn't think any of this was in any way extraordinary. We had no answer for her.

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