Friday, November 25, 2011

This is a great example of why I started this blog.

So I'm watching Mad Men (because I hate myself and apparently never want to get work done ever). I started the series on Wednesday and am currently watching episode eleven of the first season. I am a fan. I will continue in the fashion in which I am typically accustomed and devour this show as quickly as possible. The sooner I finish, the sooner it can't taunt me anymore. All of this exposition is not necessarily required for the point of this post.

Okay. So. I'm about to nerd the fuck out a bit about this show and weather and climate. The episode is titled "Indian Summer" and features numerous characters talking about how warm it is. Don Draper let's us know that it is October. An air conditioner salesman even makes an appearance at the house to hock his wares. My first reaction was questioning why he would be selling air conditioners in October. Then it hits me. What were the weather conditions like during October in 1960? How different were they from those typically seen? Let's check that out.

A google search has revealed that there was indeed a stretch of days in 1960 that were warmer than the 75th percentile of the climatology. Very interesting. And it makes sense. It happened later in the month of October and the subsequent episode takes place in early November. Well, that was fun. Oh, and ladies and gentlemen of the Man Men world, the next two Octobers also feature at least brief periods of significantly warmer weather.

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  1. Haha, as a meteorologist and a fan of Mad Men, I love this post!!!