Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And back!

After some encouragement to photoblog an event that just transpired in my kitchen, I realized that it might be time to get back to the blog. It's been almost nine months. Quickest explanation: my last post was about my cat dying. And that shit was depressing. And really hard to deal with. And it's still sad. So I abandoned this for a while.

BUT LET'S NOT DWELL ON SUCH THINGS! Not now. Maybe not ever.

The moral of the story is that I made popcorn.

Quick rundown of things: my current apartment offers very little in the way of space in the kitchen so I don't have a microwave. I've never made popcorn in the not-microwave variety. So I guess you could say that I popped my pan-cooked popcorn cherry. Oh yes, bad puns. You're welcome.

Following directions (because that's what the uninformed, like myself, do when attempting new things, especially when excessive smoke in my kitchen is something that occasionally happens and I'm really tired of setting off my smoke detector), I added the oil and the test kernel. And once Colonel Test starts playing around in the oil, little steam bubbles started emerging!

Things move very quickly once that thing explodes, and since I am but one person, I couldn't capture the frantic magic that was adding a layer of popcorn and shaking it and letting the steam escape and just generally trying not to have either myself or the popcorn get burned. But! Success!

Pro tip: melt some butter in the pan you popped the corn in.

I have no sense of measurement so I probably couldn't recreate the amount of popcorn I made, but it was enough to satisfy the craving for the night with plenty of leftovers tomorrow. And it's helping me study!

Law books used for reference. Placement of the bowl used to prove that I'm more about doing this right now than typing up my notes like I should be. I'll get to it eventually. After I start this next episode...