Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So I took the LSAT

I meant to write this right after taking the test so as not to forget the details. I debated not even including it because who really cares about my test taking endeavor. I do. So I guess it should be included.

Before taking the LSAT, there was a lot of preparation. You know, the studying and such. Prior to taking the test, you must acquire a couple things. The standards of pencils and such. You can even bring a highlighter to help with the reading comprehension! Sorry, nerd moment. Anyway, you also have to have a photo, much like a passport photo. So I went to get one. Things I have yet to learn about living up here where winter happens. It was a brisk and cold day, but beautifully sunny. The wind make a frequent and intense cameo, the result of which was on featured on my face and came through in the photo. Now, if I was a legitimate female, I probably would have thought about wearing makeup for a photo that I could use to finally get my passport (another story for another time). The girl at CVS takes my photo and shows it to me on the digital camera, asking if it's okay. My inner monologue went something like this.
"Oh man. Look how gross and splotchy my face is! And what is my hair doing on the right side there? Ugh. Gross. It's perfect."
And so I informed the girl that it was acceptable and the photo was printed. One of the test, and one for the passport. Big check on the to do list.

Passport stuff will have to wait for another day because I had to do other things like acquire enough pencils and I'm sure other things on the "prepping for the LSAT" checklist. And these errands made me that girl on the subway. You know the one, she's just rocking out to her music and holding a giant book and reading it constantly, finishing chapters while walking up the exit stairs. Yeah, her. In my defense, I had to get that studying done. It was almost test day!

Flash forward to said test day. Earlier in the week, I had received an email that I could not take the test at my desired location and had been moved to taking the test out in Queens. That wasn't going to walk to me, and after a couple of pleading phone calls with the LSAT people, I resigned myself to just taking the test standby. It's a risk to do this. You just show up where you want to test and hope they have a space for you. The LSAT people assured me that no one ever usually gets turned away, but the couldn't guarantee that I could take the test. I figured that most future law students wouldn't be as ballsy for such an important test.

And you know what? It all worked out. The test administrators had never heard of someone taking the test standby. Their confusion didn't phase me as I had to explain it over and over to different people. Once it all made sense to them, I was pointed to my testing room. And what I hope is an omen or at least was a comforting "good luck!" moment, the walls of my test room were lined with photos of female alumni of the school and their current professions. They sat there, smiling down at me (and I guess the other test takers too) while I filled in the bubbles and wrote my little essay.

Hours later, the test was done. I went to work. Regulars at the bar asked how it went, asked about the score, and shared their sentiments of how they believed and hoped I did well.

Now we wait. Only about a week left (at the time of this writing) for the score. Then the next step begins. The applying step. Then more waiting. Exciting!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I could probably get my Floridian card revoked for this...

We are a week into December and it hasn't really been that cold yet. Sure, we had that one snow storm Halloween weekend, but other than that, it has been very mild. Every year, I pretend winter won't happen. I was raised without it. I mean, we had our own version of winter. You know, when you bust out your sweater for a couple weeks when the temperatures drop all the way down to highs in the mid to upper 50s. Laugh all you want, people-who-grew-up-with-legitimate-cold-weather, I don't care. I have acclimated to this weather.

This week, though, this whole impending winter has been making itself known. Not in that it's been cold, but the trees have almost all lost their leaves. I found myself not even being sad about it. My first year here, I kind of felt bad that all of the trees were naked. They seemed sad. But naked trees means that snow should come soon enough, and I love the snow! That's when it hit me that I have grown to completely love seasons. Like, I love seasons to the point where I'm not sure I could be without them. Now, that's not to say I don't love that it's warm in Florida in the winter. I love being able to go home and drink slushy-umbrella'd drinks in the pool while waiting for everyone to show up for Christmas Eve dinner. I just think I enjoy it a little bit more knowing that a few days after that, I fly back to the cold, the winter, and the snow.

I could probably go on and on about how I like wearing my coats and scarves and how it all makes me feel like a more legitimate female (because I tend to actually look more like a normal girl in the winter time), but I will spare you those details. Or just summarize it all in the previous, possible run-on, sentence.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving is a classy holiday

Fuck yeah, it is!

Now, Thanksgiving! Presented in captioned picture form! But first, a quick memo.

Dear Thanksgiving,

Thank you for existing so that we can eat a ridiculous amount of food with our friends and/or family while watching football all day.

Love always,
Me (and probably a lot of other people)

Key to a great Thanksgiving: have a list and acquire the things on it.

I mean, check out that cart full of goodness.

Look at the olive oil and herb covered turkey!

Classy can of chef juice.

Drinking games will us something to do while the turkey cooks.

And then another game. Notice the candles on the table. We keep it classy full time.

Turkey: Done! Side dishes: Some done, some almost done!

Turned into quite the nice spread of food, which was quickly devoured. And in the tradition of Thanksgiving, we all ate a little too much and had to spend a decent amount of time relaxing.

It's important to stay hydrated. And more enjoyable when your glass is hilarious.

Kelsey and Chris cleaned up the mess I made in her kitchen. They wouldn't let me help.

So I relaxed on the couch, balanced this container of cookies bars on my tummy, and watched some football.