Friday, September 23, 2011

So this just happened...

And I have far too much work to do to not write a blog post.

I won't get into the details, but I have this thing with photos. I never think I look good, which is something that is probably characteristic of a lot of people, but I think I'm more afflicted with this than others. Probably just my self-perception. Anyway, current Facebook profile photo is of me laughing while taking a photo. It's really meta and characteristic of me. However, it bores me (and, like I said, I should be working right now instead of procrastinating), so I felt like a change was in order. Go go gadget PhotoBooth!

Opened the application, mentally prepare myself with the mantra of "no, your smile does not look stupid, and yes, your hair is fine" and the like. Enter Socks, my little kitty man who sometimes demands my full attention. You can tell I absolutely adore him with photo number one.

That's a lot of love. How does he reciprocate such feelings?

Bam! Ass in the face! Silly cat. At least I'm a good sport about it and find it funny.

He returned to his perch on my lap so that a legitimate photo could be taken, where he would only make a small cameo via his ears and the top of his head.

And after all of that, I'm not sure if I'll go with one of those photos because I totally don't want people to judge me for taking PhotoBooth photos because I'm afraid they'll think I'm narcissistic.

Update: Here's a bonus photo of me and Socks-bear from a number of years ago. My adoration is the same, but the hair is different.

Oh, how's the work going? Well, really well. OBVIOUSLY!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I haven't been meaning to avoid just about every form of social media, it just kind of happened

This is one of those posts where I apologize for not posting more and promise to update more regularly. Maybe tomorrow will be the lucky day when I finally post the trials and tribulations of my moving adventure. It kind of works out because my room is completely unpacked and ready for viewing. You know, after only like three weeks of living here!

Here's the excuse portion. Been working a lot. Exhausted all of the time. Stressing about life and money and all that jazz. Basically, nothing has changed.

On the plus side, I don't think my cat is sick anymore. I'm kind of beyond tired and should have been asleep like an hour ago. So I am off to do that now. Expect a real post between the next day or month.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Too many of my posts could start with "I should be doing _____, but I'm not"

This is one of those posts.

So, I should be putting stuff away (see?), but instead I'm reading NFL stats and whatnot to pretend that I'm going to make a great fantasy team. Thirst eventually overcame me, so I hit up the kitchen to see what beverages were available. Being the great roommate that I am, I decided to free up some space in the refridgerizer by finishing the pineapple juice. Like the lady that I am, proceeded to drink it straight out of the carton, while talking about football. My poor, new roommate. What has she gotten herself into?! Note: Totally going to make a post (posts?) about moving. Probably soon. Maybe. If you're lucky.

None of this is necessarily relevant to this post. Really, I just wanted to post a photo of the side of the pineapple juice container. BECAUSE IT'S RIDICULOUS!
Since I drank the pineapple flavor, I am therefore, according to their little personality test, independent. The stuff at the top might be a bit hard to read. In summation, I like making new friends as I travel, something about picnics and people watching, and my attitude involves using my imagination.

I done got horroscoped! By juice!

Update: If you click the picture, you can read all the things! So read all the things!