Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Too many of my posts could start with "I should be doing _____, but I'm not"

This is one of those posts.

So, I should be putting stuff away (see?), but instead I'm reading NFL stats and whatnot to pretend that I'm going to make a great fantasy team. Thirst eventually overcame me, so I hit up the kitchen to see what beverages were available. Being the great roommate that I am, I decided to free up some space in the refridgerizer by finishing the pineapple juice. Like the lady that I am, proceeded to drink it straight out of the carton, while talking about football. My poor, new roommate. What has she gotten herself into?! Note: Totally going to make a post (posts?) about moving. Probably soon. Maybe. If you're lucky.

None of this is necessarily relevant to this post. Really, I just wanted to post a photo of the side of the pineapple juice container. BECAUSE IT'S RIDICULOUS!
Since I drank the pineapple flavor, I am therefore, according to their little personality test, independent. The stuff at the top might be a bit hard to read. In summation, I like making new friends as I travel, something about picnics and people watching, and my attitude involves using my imagination.

I done got horroscoped! By juice!

Update: If you click the picture, you can read all the things! So read all the things!

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  1. Wow...some of those qualities can really be taken out of context. "my best quality is my taste"? Thanks for that Dole.