Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This post is about shoes.

As part of my birthday week celebrations, the lovely Anticipated Serenity joined me for a shopping adventure. We had intended to photo document a lot more of it, but we were easily distracted by who knows what. Probably our own conversation. Or people. Or the shoes. The quest was for shoes, but we acquire numerous other goods as well. It wasn't until we saw some really horrendous shoes that we remembered our secondary goal of documenting our adventures.

Oh man. Check out those hairy, hairy shoes. And lucky for us, they were just her size! I mean, yes, it would have been funnier if she had to ask the sales associate to grab the correct size, which would have had the added benefit of seeing both feet encased in those fashion disasters, but this would do. These fabulous shoes also prompted us to consider if we could function if we had such shoes. Mostly, we had questions about if you had to brush them. Or style them. That is what led us to discussing how should we own such shoes, we would get distracted by them all the time, mostly in that we would attempt to braid the hair. It would probably preserve the subtle crinkle that hair would have upon purchase.

So while I was trying on shoes (trying to find a pair of boots that I could try on up here that my mom, should she so choose, could purchase them for me as a gift for Christmas), A.S. sought out task number two: find the tallest display shoe in her size.

They're crazy tall (and also look very funny next to the sneakers).

Good times. I found some boots. Almost bought them on the spot but they were expensive so we dashed out of that store before I couldn't control myself anymore. The solution? A cheaper shoe store. I was looking for some cute ballet flats. Not so successful in that, but it was my turn to try on some wonderful shoes.

The best part about these is the atrocious gold zipper that goes all the way to the toe.

All in all, it was a very successful day. We both made some purchases. I gathered a number of items, almost all on some sort of crazy sale. Because I'm a geek, I added up how much it would have cost (150-something) and how much I actually spent (80 and change) to see how much I saved (a fuckton). Win!

This story would have ended here if it weren't for the next morning. When I was waiting for the train, there was a girl next to me with the hairy boots. I stifled my giggles and snapped a photo.

Not the greatest photo, but at least it answers the question of if someone would actually wear those shoes.

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