Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"No, it's like bandaid Nelly"

Tonight is Birthday Eve. Original plans got cancelled at the last second. Sad face. Whatever. They were rainchecked for actual birthday so can't complain. Last minute dinner plans were made instead. I didn't have to pick a time or a location, and that is probably a great thing because I am terrible at such decisions. Now, the dinner wasn't for me or anything special. It was a couple of my friends enjoying a pre-show meal and the invite was extended to me to join. We sit down and chat while waiting for food. My two dinner companions had both been to this establishment before. I had not. Upon hearing this, they made it very clear that I must check out the bathrooms prior to departure. They apparently don't read this blog and don't know about my love of interesting bathrooms and how they were once a post on here (right here). So yes, this dinner involved the almost asshole comment of "I am so going to blog about this". And I am true to my word.

Basically, there are four individual bathrooms, each with a star with the name of a music icon (probably the best word...maybe...) printed on it. The favorite bathroom for both of my friends was this one.

Due to Dolly being occupied (apparently it is the favorite of multiple people), people had to mix it up.

Kris went with Nelly. Kelsey skipped me in line for the one I wanted, so I waited patiently. I mean, how could I see her star and not choose it for my bathroom experience.

It was worth the wait.

Not just because while you're doing your thing you have this crazy mural next to you, but you are serenaded by the artist while you do your business. Why yes, Cher, I do believe in life after love after love after love. Also, I believe in crazy awesome, overly thought out bathrooms.

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