Thursday, October 13, 2011

I shit you not...

This post is about bathrooms. Yes, that's right. Bathrooms.

Maybe it's just me, but sometimes you come across a public restroom (or maybe private ones too, I don't have any examples of those so I'm not really sure) that is interesting. I say interesting because that seems like it would cover all bathrooms, from ugly to awesome. Now, I feel like some people might find it weird that I'm taking photos in a bathroom. I mean, it is a private space and not usually the prime photo taking location. I think that adds to the fun. When I walk into a great bathroom that begs to be documented, I have to snap the photos without other people seeing. While some people might not mind, I'm sure a significant amount of people would be totally weirded out by someone taking photos in a bathroom. However, the other night, mission accomplished!

So the other night, I ended up in a very famous New York location (not going to reveal it here, but guesses on the location based on the bathroom photos welcome). After some time of enjoying a bit of food and drink, it was bathroom time for the usual reasons. The second I entered the door I almost forgot about the primary objective because I was so enamored with the hilariousness of the bathroom. Seriously, check out the hand drier!

I'm not sure if that color yellow is still even in production any more. And I should have expected something like that given the entrance to said bathroom. The outside was made to look like it was a single person outhousey-type stall thing, but that was just a facade.

So that's the view from inside the bathroom looking back towards the entrance. What I noticed as I was about to leave (and of course stopped myself in order to snap a photo) was that this little faux-atrium to the bathroom had no roof over it, so you can plainly see the neon sign that indicates that the ladies restroom is through this magical door.

That neon sign might give away the restaurant location if one has been there before and was observant enough to look at all of the neon signage on display all over the restaurant. Ooh! You know what will really give it away? My favorite part of the bathroom.

It begs the asking of so many questions. Like, where exactly do I dispose of my sanitary napkins? Right there in the regular trash? Why is there a picture of a hotdog as part of this sign? Wait, were there even the little bins inside the bathroom? (I forgot to check so maybe there were, maybe there weren't. I saw this sign as I was washing my hands.)

All of that was very exciting. I apologized to my dinner companion about it taking a bit longer than usual for me to hit the loo and explained that it was because I had to take photos. Then I changed the conversation topic so as to not have to the address the possibility of a "you were doing what?" question that might have arisen. Especially because this happened again in the same evening at a different establishment.

But seriously, how could I not document this place's bathroom?!

Random black and white photos all over the wall! Graffiti!! Bright red doors!!! A toilet paper roll just out outside of the stalls!!!! And that toilet seat!!!!!

Those exclamation points aren't probably all necessary, but it was totally a crazy bathroom. And it wasn't all black and white and red all over, the main door was blue.

Overall, very visually intense, but so awesome. I might have mentioned that I had encountered a second photo-worthy bathroom to my friend, but I'm not sure. Many beers were consumed at that point and I was in a rush to meet another friend at a different bar (it was quite the busy Tuesday evening). Tragically, that bar did not have an interesting bathroom. Well, I didn't see it. I just asked the bartender. That's the kind of thing I do sometimes.

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  1. My dishwasher is that yellow. And I take pix of bathroom graffiti all the time. I went to the bathroom at the zoo the other night and there was a little rock/sand snowman type guy on the floor. Totally took a picture of it. And pretty sure the stall didn't even lock.