Monday, October 17, 2011

This meal gets its own post

Something I left out of the GrubHub mention from earlier was one of the greatest options they have when you're ordering on the site. As you're checking out, they ask if you would like the delivery place to forego the cutlery and napkins. The reason? Oh, it says right on there about how you care about the environment and that is why you are making that choice. For this, I might try to use them more often.

Added bonus was that the place I ordered from did not use styrofoam contains. Instead they use the plastic ones that I can reuse to store my own food if and when I ever cook. Twas a good night of ordering food. Go me. Go GrubHub. Go Chinese food place.

Now back to Breaking Bad. Already on episode 4, which is pretty good given all of the breaks I have taken this evening.

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