Thursday, October 13, 2011

This should be about victory, but (spoiler alert!) it isn't

Remember this post? Well, I was thinking I should stake claim to that blog name just to have it for whenever I'm bored enough (aka avoiding work enough) to make a blog about the little things people could do to lessen their carbon footprint. Or something else where helpful hints and instruction would be the focus. Maybe cookies recipes. Who knows.

BUT! Some asshat already has it! And he deserves being called an asshat because there's nothing posted in the blog! Well, there's one sort of almost post that is just a "more to come!" post. Excuse me, bro, but you can't have "more to come" if there's nothing there to start with. Try again. Also, the post is from 2004.

And just to be safe, I checked out a slightly different variation. Also taken. By a guy with like five posts. They're not terrible, but they're from 2007. Seriously guys, I'm possibly going to help people. You know with "here's how to make recycling in your home easier" or "here's yet another successful cookie recipe". But let's face it. Most cookie recipes are successful. Because cookies are delicious.

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