Saturday, October 22, 2011

Everyone knows that I should not be allowed in bookstores. Ever.

So I was working on making a post about my adventures with my friend Sue, when I remembered I meant to post about this first!

Things that are facts about me. I should never, ever be allowed to enter a bookstore unsupervised. Here's the thing. I was on a mission. I was out to buy a book. One specific book. A book I mentioned at the end of this post. Honestly, it's tradition. A new Palahniuk book comes out and I have to have it that day.

So I arrived a bit earlier than my friend and happened upon a bookstore. Figured it was a perfect place to pass the time. My love of bookstores prevents me from just walking in and asking for the book I want. Instead, I'd rather wander around until I find it myself. This is where disaster happens. I can't find the book. Anywhere. So I'm walking by stacks of books, seeing titles that I would consider reading. Then that thing that always happens happened. I saw a book, and almost without thinking about it, I picked it up.

How could I not?! It's John fucking Waters! It was after this that I found the new release section. And there was no copy of Damned anywhere! Time to ask the clerk. Walked up, book in hand, and asked. She was just as surprised that they didn't have it. At least I didn't leave empty handed. Best part about all of this was when I finally met up with Sue. Told her how I went looking to purchase Damned. Her eyes moved to the book in my hand then back to meet mine. We laughed before words were spoken. Her niece looked confused. I explained my bookstore disease and how Sue did not need the explanation. She still seemed confused, but was willing to let it slide.

After our adventures (which will be detailed in another post), we parted ways. First stop for me? You guessed it! Another bookstore! I was not about to accept defeat. Big chain bookstore totally had it in stock. Purchase was made. And I got out of there as quickly as possible to avoid the risk of purchasing yet another book.

It was all I could do to not start reading it the second I walked out the door. I waited until the subway, which I took to Times Square. I had tentative plans to meet a friend there, who ended up getting delayed. Fine by me. Two hours of just sitting and reading? Perfect. Times Square also provides the added benefit of still being crazy well-lit after the sunsets, leaving me with no time limit on my reading light.

And sometimes random people affiliated with Godspell will cease handing out fliers for a quick performance of "We Beseech Thee".

And as if it couldn't get any more New York, on the way home there was some filming going on in my neighborhood. The PA that made everyone on the sidewalk stop walking as to not interrupt filming said it was for a TV show. Here's kind of a blurry picture of him and some of the lights in the background.

Quite the day.

And if you really want to know, yes, I already finished Damned. Guess I'll have to move onto my next book.

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