Sunday, October 23, 2011

Promises, promises

So I know like forever ago that I promised to post about my moving adventures. This was brought to my attention when I was looking over other posts that were started by not complete (mostly my upcoming post detailing my adventures with my friend Sue that transpired on the same day as the book buying incident featured here).

Here's the thing. That happened so long ago that it seems a bit ridiculous to include it now. So instead, here's the mini version. I had to get a new apartment. Had two days. Found one. Got a moving van. Did a bunch of the moving myself with sporadic help from my friends Erik and Joseph on both ends of the move. I ended up covered in bruises, which were hilarious to explain to coworkers and customers. Many people assumed I had been beaten and I was asked on more than one occasion if I needed to talk about anything. They were relieved when I assured them that I did not have an abusive boyfriend (hard to have an abusive boyfriend when you don't have a boyfriend in the first place) and that it was more because I'm a huge klutz.

It took a couple weeks to get organized, but the roommate and I made it work. Oh, and during this time I started new jobs. So that was fun too. And by fun, I mean crazy and at times incredibly stressful, but I tend to be far too optimistic and happy-go-lucky (sometimes for my own good), so I made the most of things.

Okay, back to my regularly scheduled programming of working on my results chapter of my thesis. And/or maybe finishing that post about the other day...

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