Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome to tonight's edition of combining many of the running themes of this blog into one possibly horrible hopefully awesome post!

Today has been one of those days. Everything piles up at once and you aren't really sure what step to take next and what is taking top priority. I should have known when I woke up and my tongue ring was missing. Apparently, drunk me (or asleep me, not sure which) took it out because I found it in the window sill. Seriously, who does that?! But that wasn't the cause of me going "what the fuck?!" for most of the day. After a day of attempting to work but too much stress occupying the parts of my brain that I would use to write code and/or discuss results.

How do we remedy this? Why, with the calming effect one wine. That's right! Ingredient one in the themes is drinking while blogging. Ingredient two is a little more subtle and involves me avoiding doing work by doing things like watching TV (well, Netflix) and blogging about it while drinking wine. Oh yes, I have hit play on a new show on Netflix. That's the third element. I thought about watching a movie, but totally did the whole thing about not having the time to rope myself into a two hour flick. Truth be told, I'll probably end up watching more than one episode.

Here is where I wish Netflix had some sort of randomizing type button. Like, I would love to be able to put a handful of shows or movies or both, and then hit random to let Netflix tell me what to watch. These are the things I think about when I don't have cable.

Now for some specifics:
- Wine: Cupcake Cabernet
- Show: Breaking Bad
- Work that I'm avoiding: Making graphics for my results section

I hit play on this and almost stopped it but was kind of hooked right away from the opening sequence. Also, I've been meaning to watch this show for a while because I've heard nothing but great things and because it was created, written (at least the first episode, too lazy to look up the details), and directed (again, at least this episode) by Vince Gilligan. I had looked his name up before (when I first read about the show) because it looked familiar. Not only did he work on the X-Files, but wrote some of the really great mythology episodes. Shit. I think I just outed myself. And now I kind of want to watch that. Maybe I'll switch to that next or later.

Photos! That's another running theme! Here's one I just took of the clouds outside.

They're crazy interesting. Like this show.

I'm starting to feel better. This glass of wine is half empty. Also, this is my first apartment I've ever lived in where I didn't have wine glasses. Even when I didn't drink wine all the time, I had wine glasses just in case. Thought about using a coffee cup for hilarious reasons, but it didn't seem right. Instead I'm using a regular glass.

Chinese food? Might have to happen. More updates later. Maybe.

Update: So I find it kind of weird that they've censored this show. Like, I understand that it was on AMC and maybe they can't say shit, but this is Netflix! And how do they handle it with the DVDs? Isn't this supposed to be like the DVDs? I'm confused. And that's not just the wine talking.

Also, ordered some Chinese food via Grubhub because I'm too lazy to call someone and talk to people. Point and click is like the extent of it. And it was totally worth it because they send you an adorable email saying that they heart you and what kind of car they'd like to be. Yeah, totally consider that an advert for them. Or a recommendation. Whatever. Food incoming in like 45 minutes. Worth the wait. Going to be amazing!

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  1. 1) I watched Breaking Bad when it first came out on tv, and it was awesome but no one had ever heard of it! Then I got rid of TV and stopped following it. Then apparently it got some huge following on Netflix, now I need to go back and rewatch it (it's on my list! but I have so many shows to finish!).
    2)Netflix needs a "shuffle button for your instant queue.
    3)I hate talking to people on the phone too. Hooray for internet ordering!