Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm still not sure what normal people do during the Fall...

So tonight I took my friend Joseph out to watch some football. It was a big day for me, and probably a good number of Seminole fans like myself, as Christian Ponder started his first NFL game today. I mean, Joseph and I needed to catch up on life in general as I hadn't seen him in nearly a couple weeks or something outrageous like that, so it seemed like the perfect event.

This post isn't about how well Ponder played. Or about me reminiscing about him as a college player. It is merely to say that I was posing thoughts to Joseph, mostly of the one-sided nature as he could care less about professional football, and the girl at the table next to us finally said something. A simple question of "did you go you to Florida State" and "what year did you graduate?" quickly followed. I engaged her and her pals in conversations. They too were Florida State alums just out out there to watch Ponder play, not necessarily Vikings fans.

I love this city of how-ever-fucking-million people it contains because of great little stories like that.

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