Monday, November 21, 2011

None of this really needs to be said but I've come this far already.

And by "this far" I mean that I have opened the blogger page with the intent to write a real, longer blog post, but am not quite up to it just yet.

Anyway, on my breaks for studying for the LSAT I have been accomplishing great things. I sent my mom a Christmas list (because that is what mature 27-year olds do). I read random things on the internet (some of it legitimate news). I annoyed my little brother with inane gchat messages (he has a real, adult job and work to do or something). Debated editing/deleting a Facebook status update I made because it had a typo and I'm kind of obsessive about things like. Decided to leave it there. Debated acknowledging said typo right here, right now. Decided it was okay because I was thoroughly tipsy and full of love and joy when I wrote it. And I looked up future internships I could apply for as a law student because I'm impatient and too much of a future planner, and I want those jobs now! Because they look awesome. I am going to be the best Lorax ever.

I'm the epitome of productive. Or ADD. Both?

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