Sunday, August 28, 2011

So remember that time I was ranting about a stupid rom-com...

You know, this one? Well, it's on again. And I'm taking this opportunity to finish it, this time with more beer! Or rather, with a beer. It's like I'm playing a drinking game with myself. I think I'm losing. My beer is already gone, and I'm too lazy to get up another.

Now, everyone knows that I am so far from the romantic-comedy-watching girl. Like, beyond far from it. Yet, I was disappointed that FX isn't having a marathon of them. They're switching to action movies all day. Wait! Is there football on?! Even if there was, I probably couldn't convince the roommates to join me. Instead, maybe we'll hit up Netflix, pick out some terrible flicks, and build a puzzle. And drink. This is how you do the post-hurricane dance. Especially when you don't personally see the effects of it and are left with power, no flooding, and all that jazz. We can't go anywhere though (still no mass transit or word on when it will reactivate), so we will make the best of it!

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