Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Because I really need another series in which to lose myself

And now for another post that is similar to the one that started this whole adventure! I am one glass of wine and about twenty in to episode one of Doctor Who. So far, so good. It has that great British wit to go along with the delightful accents delivering the brilliance. The only issue I have thus far is that I am hungry and could really go for something to eat. Thinking Chinese food. Maybe that'll be something to accomplish between episodes one and two, since I have already resigned myself to watching at least the second episode tonight.

I'm not entirely sure if we are supposed to be amused by the plastic man with the paddle arms destroying the restaurant, but it has tickled both Erik and I to chuckle. Also, that plastic guy...OMG ROSE! GET IN THE TARDIS! HE'S TRYING TO HELP YOU! Anyway, the plastic guy has obviously never seen The Real Housewives of New Jersey (definitely not the final episode of season one), because he totally would have flipped that table instead of just smashing it.

I wonder if there is a way to watch the first series of this show. Like, the 1963 one. Just to see the difference in the doctors and the special effects and what not.

"I see a lot of T2 in here." - Erik's commentary. In his defense, the set for scene does look very similar, but instead of metal, it's plastic. And just had one of those moments that proves I'm not nerdy enough for nerds because I just said "metal" instead of whatever it actually is. Because I don't know. Looked it up on Wikipedia. It was steel. Plain steel. Now that's an extra fun fact to go in my bank of fun facts.

If that's what mannequins look like in England, I'm never going shopping there! Way too fucking creepy. Even though they're moving around, they look even more dead inside than most mannequins.

Also, the TARDIS makes a noise very similar to these enemies in the original Legend of Zelda for NES. I'm going to need someone else to verify this for me. Erik is not as well versed in NES games as I thought he was.

So to sum up. I think I'll have a pint of chicken with broccoli, definitely another glass of wine, and most definitely another episode. Cheers!

Update: Episode two equally good. Alright, Doctor, I'm in! And proof about my intermission goal objective being achieved:

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  1. NOOOOOOoooooo!!!!!! I refuse to watch that show simply because everyone I know is obsessed with it. Due to similar reasons, I have still never seen the movie Titanic.