Tuesday, August 9, 2011

There's a lot of pressure to be funny in a blog

Maybe that's not entirely true, but I feel like it is. Maybe it's because the blogs I read tend to be funny. And because I'm really self-conscious about my own writing and such.

This post could go under the category "Things that could have been tweeted". It also goes in the category "So I've had a few beers while sitting in the bar pretending to work".

Maybe I should go home and watch a movie. Oh hey! Another beer! Thanks, guy we're sharing our table with. Gotta love this bar.

I think I just swallowed an orange seed. Cuss you, beers that are delicious with citrus in them!

This has too many exclamation marks. I should just delete it and start over. Eh, decisions I can make at a later time when I decide how ridiculous I want to make this whole thing.

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