Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preparation: water edition

So here's a collection of photos (and a little snipet of information to go along with them) to share our strategy for having plenty of water on hand. First up, a quick tour of our fridge, starting with one of the more important things: caffeine. Kira has already prepared her coffee for tomorrow.
I have begun making tea, but have yet to finish the process or decide how I'm going to store it.

We also washed our fruit and placed it so gingerly in this fruit bowl.
Ah, fruit. Preventing scurvy and being something healthy to eat.

Now, water storage. Drinking water...

Teeth brushing/face washing water...

And toilet flushing water (because we don't have a tub)...

Though it doesn't look like we'll lose power, better to be prepared. Now time to enjoy this drink, these brownies, and a bit of MST3K.

Update: Forgot to include the water preparation for the kitties!

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