Thursday, August 25, 2011

Too funny and random not to share

Last night was one of those nights where we decide to go to Times Square to have a couple of beers, which inevitably turns into more than a couple by a bunch. It totally helped that the last round was on the house because the bartender liked that we were actually drinking more than just one beer a la girls next to us that order a single round of drinks and cashed out. They didn't even consider a second drink as an option! Regardless, good times were had by us and we probably enjoyed ourselves far more than anyone else in that place. Well, except maybe the bartender who was thoroughly entertained by our banter and antics.

But like all good nights, they must come to an end. And since it was well beyond our original time of intended departure (by like, about an hour or so), we decided to head home. The best part of going to drink in a bar in Times Square is when you leave, you get to walk through Times Square! And it's usually late so all of the tourists are asleep in their hotels, worn out from the nonstop excitement that is this wonderful city. Oh! Wait! Quick side story about tourists!

So, on my way to the bar, I had to fight my way through the crowds of Times Square. People everywhere walking ever-so-slowly is the typical site to be seen. I, being the obnoxious New Yorker that sometimes pretend to be, weaved through them at such a rapid pace that they would never even notice I was beside them, probably because they were too busy taking photos. And here was my great achievement: as I was walking, I probably ruined like ten or so pictures. Maybe more. I didn't have time to wait for them to photograph some technicolor motorcycle (that for some reason was so fascinating to so many of the people), so I just walked passed them. In the days before digital cameras, someone would have me forever captured in that set of vacation photos. Alas, we live in a far more tech-savvy time, and I will probably be erased from about half of them (this is assuming that the other half are too lazy or don't know how to erase a photo). End side story!

There we are, wandering through Times Square to make our way to the train. Suddenly, a young Asian gentleman with a microphone and a camerman in tow stops us to ask about our thoughts on Steve Jobs resigning from Apple. My friend engages in conversation with them, answering the questions of the inquiring microphone-holding guy. I was too busy laughing at how ridiculous the situation was to find out how legit of an interviewing entity they were, but was focused enough to capture a photo of the process.

While their interview was going on, I turned to our other friend, who was also giggling too hard to be interviewed, if they were serious about the Steve Jobs thing. I tend to be really up to date on things like that, especially involving Apple products. I mean, the interviewer asked my friend what Apple products he owned. This might have been the exact moment when I was taking his photo with my iPhone (I have truly excellent timing sometimes). Lucky for me, the news was confirmed by the news ticker that displays headlines in Times Square. My cat-like reflexes even allowed me the opportunity to capture proof:

Thanks, Times Square! You always make for a great story!

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