Monday, January 16, 2012

Mandy-cat rides the subway!

To the vet's office! Yay!

But seriously, I took Mandy to the vet today because she throws up way more than a cat probably should. And I was starting to suspect that she had lost weight. I mean, look at her!

Almost down to the size of a regular size cat! Not really, but she is slightly less rotund than before. So a phone call was made and an appointment was set. And of course kitty was fine all weekend. Zero incidents of barfing from time of making the appointment. Until today. At 9:30. Right as my alarm was going off. Thanks, cat. Now add "do laundry" to my list of things to do today that I will probably avoid by doing other things.

Step one of the adventure is to get the cat in the carrier, which was surprisingly easy. The next step involves walking to the subway. Then taking the train. Mandy has been on the subway once before. The only cat that hasn't been on the subway is Cleo. Fun fact. Anyway, we take the train. Get to the vet's office. Mingle with the dogs while I fill out some paperwork. Then to the examination room!

The vet was so nice and not nearly as worried and anxious as I was. A very good sign, I suppose. She poked around and listened to the internal workings of the cat via stethoscope then stepped out to prepare the "take blood from your cat so we can run tests on it" station. So I snapped a photo of Mandy trying to escape the table.

I think this is her "why are you trying to take my picture right now after all of the torture you've already put me through?!" face. Maybe it's because they weighed her on a baby scale.

Oh, her weight? Eleven pounds ten ounces. Her last vet visit was in 2008 and she weighed about thirteen pounds then. So I was right! She did lose weight! But apparently not enough because when the vet brought her back after the stealing her blood part of the day, she said it took a while due to too much leg fat making it hard to find the veins. A+, Mandy-cat, for losing weight and still being a chub.

We were sent on our way with a promise of a phone call with results by tonight. I considered taking a cab home, but the subway is cheaper and probably only slightly more terrifying than a New York cab ride. And good decision, me! On our way to the train, a true American crossed the street with us.

Stopping to take this picture meant a minute less of waiting for the train, so there's that bonus too. On our quest home, I figured I should attempt to document kitty on the train.

Not the best of photos, but you can clearly see kitty in a carrier and the subway floor and bars and all that jazz. Cue me looking up to two guys making a face for me taking a photo of my cat on the train. Whatever, dudes. It was a big day for us.

Update: The vet called this afternoon to let me know that Mandy's blood is fine! She recommended altering her diet because she probably just has a sensitive stomach. So diet altering will be attempted! If that doesn't work, then it's back to the vet for an ultrasound. All in all though, it was good news.

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