Friday, January 13, 2012

Let's play a Harry Potter drinking game!

Okay, it's not a game. It's more of a "whenever you think about having a sip of wine, you take a sip". Also drink for bad puns. Like, when you write a tweet about Sirius being smug then realizing you should add a note about Sirius being serious. That happened. I did that. Take a drink.

If you raise your hand to vote yes for clearing all charges against Harry, take a drink.

I guess you could make it a drinking game. Or at least make the movie more interactive if you're drinking while watching it. So yes, it is that time again! Get your drink on while watching a movie and write a blog post about it because you've tweeted too much already and your Twitter followers don't give a shit.

So, like, why is everyone so convinced that Harry is lying? This kid already has enough attention, it's not like he needs anymore. He was in the Triwizard Tournament. Sure, the other wizards participating got a lot of attention, but he's Harry Potter! They were all "oooooooh Harry's in the tournament".

My wine is empty. I wish my cats could refill it for me. Or. Or! I could pause the movie and go get the bottle.

How much do you LOVE Alan Rickman?! I would love for him to read me a story about kittens and rainbows and unicorns or whatever, just to make it sound sinister. And then Maggie Smith could run in and be all "and then they lived happily ever after" and smile ever-so-sweetly. Then Alan would be all "yesssssssss" in his best Snape voice.

I think if you have the name Percival, you are required to be a snarky badass. Think about it. Dumbledore. Doctor Cox. Huh? Huh? AmIright?!

Cuss this movie being great. I have yet to find a good second to pause. Okay. After this scene. Then wine.

That's probably enough for now. And by enough, I mean far more than ever needed to be put here. Or anywhere.

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