Thursday, February 2, 2012

Regardless, I'll just wear blue

Everyone keeps asking me what I will be doing for the Super Bowl. Simple answer on my part. I will be working. I work in a bar. A sports bar. In New York. When the New York Giants will be playing. Against the Patriots. Who have a following in New York (and probably a lot of other places). So yes, I will be working.

Then there's the great followup question of which team do I want to win. Typically, I don't have a particular NFL team. I just enjoy watching it. However, I don't often find myself rooting for either team. And! Neither team has any Florida State players on their roster. So there goes that as a reason to pick a team.

So, who to choose?

Part of me would really love to be in New York when the Giants won a Super Bowl. My first year in New York, the Yankees won a World Series and it was very exciting even though I couldn't give two shits about baseball or the Yankees. If I had to pick a baseball team, I would pick the Red Sox. Why? Don't really know. Don't really care. Let's just not. The point is that it was still neat (yes, neat is the most appropriate word) to be here. A Giants win while I'm working at a mostly Giants fans-filled bar would be very fun. It would probably be incredibly fun. There would be everyone celebrating and cheering and being so happy their team won.


A good amount of some of my closest friends are Patriots fans. And they are very excited for the rematch. Who doesn't love a rematch?! And Gronkowski was pretty valuable to my fantasy team for most of the season. So there's that too.

At the end of the day, I don't know to which team I am going to lend my cheers. I have a few more days to think about it. And accept bribes.

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