Monday, March 5, 2012

A quick post that will answer a question I am repeatedly asked

I finished my law school applications. All of them. And this happened twice.

The first day that I finished all of them was two weeks ago. I wrote all of the personal statements. I filled out all of the applications. I made my resume even more awesome. And then I dropped close to five hundred dollars to apply to all of them. I was done and happy and celebrated by going to work for eight hours. Fabulous.

Then, this past Thursday I received an email from Tulane. They had waived my fee to apply so I figured that I might as well. It had made the short list originally but was removed in favor of other schools and because I had already spent $500 on applications. But! If all I had to pay was the LSAC fee, I could manage that. Spent the day fixing up the personal statement and filling out the application. Added it to the shopping cart on the site, and that's when I noticed that Pace had decided they didn't want me to have to pay to apply either! I had already finished that application, but didn't want to spend the money, so added it too! This, my friends, brings the total number of schools applied to up to eleven. It is a lovely number because it's prime and people like to turn things up to it. Seems like a good sign to me.

So. You want the list? In no particular order, I give you my schools!

George Washington
Florida State
University of Oregon
Lewis and Clark
University of Maryland
Vermont Law School

Now, whenever someone asks where I have applied, I can just link them here. Win!

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